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Lost & Found

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

They say you lose your life

Like it’s something you can find.

But how should I know where to look

When I’ve also lost my mind?

J'ai des problème mentaux;

I don’t know what they are

Je suis né comme ça, you see?

Just staring at the scars.

Sad is blue and Joy is sun,

But only for today.

How do I sort out my head

To keep colors at bay?

It’s getting worse, it should’ve stopped,

In light I barely see.

But sunset came and darkness fell

And all you saw was me.

You looked me in the eyes

And even when they changed,

You stuck by my side and said:

“You are not deranged.”

Lights in tunnels, blood and gore;

From this end I hope you’re far.

But if you must go down with me,

Come find me in the stars.

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