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Aphotic Realm Cover.png
Aphotic Realm: Apparitions

"The Shadow On the Stairs"

This creative nonfiction flash horror piece centers on a real-life experience with a dark presence mere hours before the death of a family member. Brianna's first short story to be published, it found a home in Aphotic Realm's inaugural Volume One: Apparitions. 

DD&D of Hell 2.PNG
Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell II

"The New Wilderness"

Two estranged brothers meet to return an artifact stolen from the woods as children, hoping to put their torment to an end - but the monster ​proves as forgiving as the wilderness itself. This horror short takes queues from some of Native American mythology's most unsettling folklore.

Trembling With Fear cover.jpg
Trembling With Fear: Year One

"Eat It"

An extreme horror flash touching on the delights of forced cannibalism. Not designed with the squeamish in mind.

Flashpoint Anthology cover.PNG


Straying away from horror into more literary themes, this flash explores a father's grief as he fulfills his daughter's final wish. Part of the Inner Circle Writer's Group family of anthologies.

Aphotic Realm: Gruesome

"Two Tastes"

This short combines elements of grotesque gore and paranormal romance as it follows a few days in the lives of Miss Maddening and Mister Smiles, partners at a mysterious NYC bar where evil folk go to die.

AR interstellar.PNG
Aphotic Realm: Interstellar

"Icarus Wise"

On man's last bastion of post-Earth survival, a starship cast hopelessly adrift in the void of space, a preteen radical plots the fungal rebirth of the human race.


lewis and lovecraft.jpg
Between Lewis & Lovecraft: Halloween Special 2020

"Black Dolphins"

A psychiatrist insists on continuing his work after the revocation of his medical license, but his latest patient at the Dauphin Noir hotel may prove to be his last. Check out this first-ever appearance of my work in podcast format, narrated by the talented Lora Daily at 1:35:09.

Listen for free here!

lewis and lovecraft.jpg
Between Lewis & Lovecraft: Sci-Fi Flash Fiction Special

"Will We Dream in Cryosleep?"

Two prisoners of war have a chat over a game of cards to distract themselves from impending death via airlock expulsion aboard an enemy starship set adrift in unfamiliar cosmos. Will We Dream in Cryosleep? airs at the 1:07:00 mark and is narrated by Jarrett Sullivan.

Listen for free here!

lewis and lovecraft.jpg
Between Lewis & Lovecraft: Halloween 3D


A mysterious woman, alone in the Scottish moorlands, is terrorized by a strange mountain hare that keeps asking how many lives she's lived. Leporidae begins at the 00:23:24 mark and is narrated by Lora Daily.


Listen for free here!



Sick Lit Magazine

Having lived alone on a self-sustaining train with her dog for as long as she can remember, Eden races against time as the train does something it's never before done - it stops. 

Read for free here!


Bull and Cross

Another stab at literary flash, Palmistry focuses on two prisoners denied the most basic of comforts, who somehow find the strength to go on in holding hands.

Read for free here!

"An Anathematic Anthology"

BlazeVOX Fall 2017

This collection of three dark poems includes "The Almost-Land", "The Brothers East", and "Silvertongue".

Read for free here!

"Stars Turn Black"

Uncharted Magazine

This first chapter excerpt of a Taino-inspired dark fantasy was a runner-up winner in the Fantasy Writers Forever x Uncharted Magazine 2021 Writing Contest.

Read for free here!

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