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SIGNAL COVE: Concept Art Reveal + Prologue

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Left: Oz Lynch

Right: Richie AKA Greeneyes



From: The Office of the Conductor

Date: December 24th, 2026

RE: The Greeneyes Incident - Transcription of Events

Let it be admitted to the official record that on November 5th, 2021 at 5:01 AM, Resuscitated Environment Shield Team (REST; the Agency) Lead Investigator Osbyrne “Oz” Lynch, accompanied by Junior Investigator Darius Mayfield, initiated an unsecured, face-to-face field interview with Arboreal Anomaly SC1, Greeneyes, formerly known as Dr. Richard J. Lorne. Let it be recognized that both officers entered into this scenario of their own free will, under no measurable or detectable cerebral influence, fully aware of their departure from REST security protocols. It was the opinion of the senior officer in charge that, despite its status as a Shrike-class anomaly, the risk of significant personal harm and further casualties beyond the minimal loss standard paled in priority to obtaining a first-hand account of the events at Resurrection Site (R-site) 4A: Signal Cove, before the arrival of military cleanup crews. The enclosed transcripts and commentary were compiled from what interview recordings and footage could be salvaged following the subsequent disaster of R-Site 4B: Signal Cove, by Associate Analyst Candace Ramage, with assistance from departmental intern Tessa Townsend—who was present during both calamities—when her superior fell critically ill after viewing Tape 6 (AKA “The Red Tape”). Ms. Ramage remains in psychiatric quarantine under the care of Dr. [REDACTED], the Sparrow-class Arboreal Anomaly [REDACTED], at REST Facility #[REDACTED]: [REDACTED], in [REDACTED].

It should be noted that the information contained within is highly sensitive in nature. Replication or circulation of the following documents either internally to unauthorized personnel or externally to entities outside the Agency will result in an internment period of no less than 45 years at REST Facility #0: Black Libra, in Taos, New Mexico.

As a personal addendum, it would be remiss of me if, given my position, I did not preface the words below with an appropriate warning. While those who read the account of The Red Tape and the incidents preceding it will likely not suffer the same deleterious effects as Ms. Ramage, consumption of the material should be conducted with an abundance of caution. For the sake of one’s sustained mental health, several breaks between sessions are suggested.

Yours in Science,

The Conductor

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